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Welcome to GoDeep

Thank you for choosing us!

GoDeep is the team of experienced diving freaks. Our adventure with diving started 20 years ago and continues until today. During these years we dived many times in all continents of our planet. We are glad that we are still amazed in every single dive and every time we can discover this sport anew.

Two years ago, during one of our diving trips to the Philippines we fell in love with impressive Bohol Sea and its underwater world diversity.
Do you know that the most plentiful underwater ecosystem is located just in Philippines and it comes until to Great Barrier Reef?

The diving base GoDeep is located in hotel’s compound close to famous sandy Alona beach in Panglao. The base is located on coast which is perfect starting point to snorkeling or diving in the crystalline clean Bohol Sea waters.

Our guests are divers from the whole world.
Visit us and get to know the great nature of our local reefs!