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Dive Courses Bohol

If you landed in this page, it’s already a good indication that you’re either interested in SCUBA Diving, or that you love SCUBA Diving as much as we do and thinking about diving with us! It doesn’t matter if you have no previous training, as our professional instructors and guides will be with you on every step of the way to ensure that you’re learning and getting proficient in your SCUBA Diving, and most importantly SAFE!

Inquire now about the variety of courses we offer, and we will reply to your inquiry with all the additional information you need. We would be delighted to have you here, expanding your Scuba Diving knowledge and skill set with us!

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Beginner SCUBA Diving Courses

We usually recommend discover SCUBA Diving, or DSD in short, for people who never tried diving before in their life, and are a bit timid or feel stressed in the water. After going over the necessary skills for SCUBA Diving in our pool, you’ll then proceed with our professional SCUBA Diving instructor to the ocean, where you’ll have an actual dive, as deep as 12 meters, escorted by our instructor at all times. Two dives as part of the DSD is also possible.

If you find that the DSD experience went well and you loved it, an Open Water Course (or OW for short), is the natural progression. Please be aware that doing a DSD isn’t a requirement for the Open Water Course, and if you feel comfortable in the ocean and think that diving is your thing, you can just start with it. The OW Diving Course takes between 3-4 days, in which you study the theory involved in diving, as well as practical skill, and have 4 open water dives in the ocean. At the end you’ll receive a certification card that will allow you to dive anywhere in the world.

Advanced courses, like the Advanced Open Water (AOW) and Dive Master Training are also available, as well as a variety of specialty courses. Please see below the courses available with us, and we’d love to accommodate your inquiry, and help you book a course with us!

Advanced SCUBA Diving Courses

Please note that we support both SSI and PADI courses. Though there are differences between the organizations, both offer equivalent SCUBA Diving Courses and Certifications, that differ in name, and the application of some skills. Both will equip you with SCUBA Diving Skills, and we we truly believe that there is no replacement to experience and actual diving! Keep in mind that up to Dive Master you can advance in training in different organizations.

Why Choose Panglao for your SCUBA Diving Courses and Training?

Panglao is blessed with numerous dive sites, with calm water, great visibility and comfortable temperature all year round. It’s not a coincidence that Panglao is known to be one of the top SCUBA Diving Destinations in the Philippines, with many veteran Diving Centers. There are strict regulations applied by the local government that makes sure that all centers are working according to international standards. Also, unlike many other destinations in the Philippines, there is a decompression chamber accessible from Panglao in Cebu City, so worst comes to worst, this is something that needs to be taken into account. For more information about the costs, please check our price list or inquire directly.