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We will take you from Alona Beach to the nearby island of Bohol, so you can see cult places on the map of the island.

The unmissable point on the trip, from which we start, is the visit at historic Baclayon church. This is one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines, in addition, entirely built of coral stone. The Roman Catholic church dates from 1717 and is a national cultural monument.

Then we will go for drive through the man made mahogany forest. Unusual trees grow so thickly that override you the whole world. You will see only the brown trunks extending from the ground and forming a canopy over the road. You’ll find that it really is an impressive sight.

From the mahogany forest we will go to the Chocolate Hills. But do not let the name fool you – any single chocolate tree do not grow here! There are more than 1,700 regular hills spread over an area of more than 50 square km (20 sq mi) with ideal shapes, covered by grass only, which in the dry season takes on the color of chocolate.

From there we will enter the tarsier sanctuary to discover these tiny big-eyed monkeys. Philippine tarsier is a member of the approximately 45-million-year-old family Tarsiidae. Philippine tarsier is endemic to the Philippine archipelago. Long hind legs enable tarsiers to leap distances of up to 5 meters between branches. 5 meters for just 10 cm body length! There is an opinion that tarsier was a prototype for Master Yoda.  😉

Next point is Loboc River: bamboo hanging bridges crossing, exciting zipline descent over the river and actual cruise on the Loboc river, combined with a tasting of local specialties – from seafood to the finest desserts. Unusual boats float here, you will not find them anywhere else – floating restaurants, bars, traditionally decorated barges, where everywhere is local music waiting for you. It is impossible to leave such pleasure!

After an eventful day, together we will go back to Alona Beach!

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