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Project Description



We will start the day from Alona beach, our boat will depart early morning.

The first stop will be on our way to Balicasag island to admire Dolphins sailing around us. We leave Panglao Island before 6:00 AM in order to stand the best chance of seeing any dolphins who tend to be more active between 8-10 AM. Dolphin-watching is a heady and exciting mix of playing hide and seek with the Dolphin.

After that we will reach Balicasag island, a preserved marine sanctuary, which makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling and diving. As a marine sanctuary, it is not only the turtles you will be able to see, but the colorful reef, rich and varied sea life.

Balicasag is an almost circular island with a typical Maldives character. Crystal clear waters and a snow white beach surround the island. Dive boats from Alona Beach come here every day for one or two dives to enjoy the breathtaking wall dives around Balicasag Island. The reef is about 50 Meters from the beach and falls straight down to about 50 Meters.

Our boat will park there and we will jump to the water to snorkel and enjoy the underwater life. We will later reach the island and have lunch in one of the local small restaurant preparing traditional dishes. After lunch we will have a walk and visit the island surroundings.

Back on the boat, our next stop will be Virgin Island, a sandbar that changes shapes depending on the tide where you will appreciate the white sand, beautiful starfishes and crystal clear water.

Last but not least, we will anchor in Isola di Francesco, a tiny island where surprisingly a church from the Franciscan order is built.

After that we will head back to Alona beach 🙂

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