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Project Description



GoDeep boat will depart  in the morning from Alona beach and head to Pamilacan Island, a trip that will take us around 30 to 40 minutes.

Pamilacan perhaps means “resting place of the mantas”, but it can also be considered to derive from the word pamilac, or harpoon, a device that was historically used to capture the mantas, dolphins and whales.

Once we reach our destination we will enjoy the white sand beaches and snorkel sites for which the island is known for. 😉

We will step food in the island and visit the 200-year-old Spanish fort in the northeast, which in the past served as a watchtower for the Spaniards to look out for intruders, such as pirates and other enemies, particularly those coming from the south.

After that we will have some snaks in the boat and enjoy the view, rest or jump in the water again before heading back to Alona Beach.

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