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Open Water Diver

open water diver  - Open Water Diver

The Open Water diving course is the first course you’ll take in your SCUBA diving adventure. Whether you tried diving before in a short Discover Scuba Diving Course, you’ll learn all of the necessary skills and knowledge required to become a scuba diver, and could dive in any licensed diving center in the world. Our professional instructors will make sure you’re learning and meeting the international standard, giving you the sufficient amount of personal attention.

The Open Water Course takes between 3 to 3.5 days, and consists of three parts, the theory, pool sessions and open water sessions. You’ll start with the theory on your first day, after you’ll get your book and watch the online material, and might do your first pool session, where you learn all the skills for the Open Water in a safe and controlled environment. On the consecutive days you’ll do another pools session, 4 open water dives, and a final exam, and afterwards you’ll be certified as an OW Scuba Diver.

Our professional diving instructors will make sure you have everything you need in every step of the way in order to guarantee that not only you’ll complete your course, but that you’ll also get the most out of your time, and get as proficient, knowledgeable, and not less important, convenient underwater.

AOW Scuba Diving Course Price: 19.900 PHP

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